We celebrate our differences

Our differences are what make us grow as people, as colleagues, and as a company

Agile squads based on strength in differences

Intensive SEO knowledge is not a must to join Bonzer

How we help you accelerate your development

We've created several development initiatives to ensure that no one at Bonzer stagnates in their development. Through these, we provide you with the right tools and knowledge to grow. In other words: we give you the chance to take on as much responsibility as you can handle, paving the way for fast personal and professional development within Bonzer.

  • Academy

  • Chapters

  • Workshops

  • Bonzerton

  • Bonzer Saloon

  • Individual

Our culture: the Bonzer code

Principles of the Bonzer code

  • Team first

  • Responsibility

  • Kindness

  • Honesty

  • Help (and ask for it) whenever you can

  • Be a role model

  • Bring your A-game

  • Have fun

  • Performance

What do our colleagues say?

  • We’re growing and developing as one

    Ann-Sofie Lippert

    Consultant, Denmark

  • At Bonzer, workdays are like you want them to be

    Claus Diedrichsen

    Lead Consultant, Denmark

  • At Bonzer, you get all the individual autonomy you can handle

    Peter Ottendahl Anberg

    Senior Product Specialist, Denmark

  • We're building the plane while we're flying it

    Lydia Nyberg

    Lead Consultant, Sweden

Benefits when working at Bonzer

  • Fast-paced development

  • Flexible work

  • More than 60 new friends

  • Fuel your body

  • Company pension

  • Motivating leaders